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How to Choose the Best Acne Cream for You

22 Oct 19
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The best acne cream for your skin is not necessarily the one with the most ads or infomercials. For one thing, not everyone has the same type of skin and tolerance for products and many acne treatment cream products in the market today are either ineffective or too harsh.

Therefore, consider your skin type when trying to decide among the hundreds of ‘best acne cream products’ out there in the market today.

Dry Skin

Antimicrobials, such as Clindamycin and Erythromycin, have strong drying properties that may leave your dry skin irritated. And, even if your acne cleared up due to antimicrobial treatment, you would be left with wrinkled, old-looking skin. Choose milder treatments, such as low-percentage benzoyl peroxide and gentle antiseptic washes. However, this could be a problem if the mildness of these products makes them ineffective. Creams are generally a better choice than gels for moisturising the skin.

Acidic Skin

You may want to stay away from an acne cream that will add to your skin’s acidic properties. You can easily skip treatments that contain Azelaic acid and Salicylic acid since there are a host of other medications anyway that offer similar acne-fighting properties.

Oily Skin

Opt for oil-free, non-comedogenic acne treatment products that will not clog your pores. Also look for treatments that control sebum (your body’s natural oil) production. Gels are generally a better choice than creams for oily skin

Combination Skin

This kind of skin is the hardest to treat. Your skin may be so bombarded by the different products you have to use on it that your skin may end up too stressed to harness any of its healing abilities. It is also quite difficult to contain treatment (and irritation) to only one part of your face.

For instance, light antiseptic washes may be right for the area around your eyes but too mild for severe or progressive acne. On the other hand, if you use topical retinoids, such as Adapalene, the flaking it causes may extend to the dry, sensitive areas of your face.

What WILL Work for Most Skin Types?

Perhaps the best acne cream available today is not the one touted by ads but the one that has passed actual clinical testing! Acnessential is a 4% Niacinamide cream, and topical niacinamide has been proven in several studies to be…

  • safe for all skin types since topical niacinamide is simply a derivative of Vitamin B;
  • highly effective for mild to inflamed acne; and
  • ideal for skin types prone to irritation by antimicrobials, retinoids, and acids.

What’s more, niacinamide has also been proven to reduce the amount of sebum in the skin, which, when left unregulated, leads to severe cases of acne.


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