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Hiring an SEO company? Stop! Things you should know before!

17 Nov 19
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Read this guide before it’s too late! Hiring an SEO services company will optimize your Internet strategy. But only if you succeed in the election.

At this point there is no company that is on the Internet that does not know the undeniable importance of SEO in the success of any online project . I know that I have already told you, but it is an irrefutable truth:

Google, and other search engines, want pages that are fast, friendly and valuable for your business niche, otherwise it will not position them.

As you should know, SEO campaigns aim to raise positions in Google , or any other Internet search engine. The higher you appear in the results, the more likely it is that your page will be visited. The more visits, the more likely there are the process of converting users to whatever you want your audience to be; a buyer or a consumer of content.

So, we all agree that, in SEO, it is key to know how to hire an SEO company to develop the entire process correctly and get all the benefits indicated above, do you agree?

Maybe you are one of those people who like to do everything on their own, but we’ve already discussed that before, right? It is always about the concept of loss of opportunity, of a factor of investment of time versus results , and often depends on the level of experience you have.

Currently, with almost all the crowded sectors and fierce competition on the Internet, making a good SEO strategy, the one that gives results, is complicated. It’s not about adjusting a few screws and that everything goes alone; but to analyze , put into practice , measure , keep up with trends in SEO positioning and more.

You might still have doubts about whether it is really worth hiring and paying an SEO service company, for something you think you could do or delegate to someone in your company. But I will give you more reasons to delegate this work to SEO experts .

Why hire an SEO agency

The level of experience of someone who is engaged in this activity on a daily basis is not comparable with anything. You may have to excuse my sincerity:

There is no way that a person who does not professionally engage in SEO, 8 or 10 hours a day, can get the same results from an expert who offers SEO services.

And it is not that there is no talent, I am a defender of knowledge and its application, the problem is that the investment of time is usually not viable for a person who must take care of a business of his own.

Imagine that you should review your page on a technical level, create texts, optimize by keywords , see how you get links, and so on … simply the time will not reach you and you will be slowing the evolution of your Web page .

Therefore, making your own SEO strategy on your website is a viable option only for businesses in which their presence on the Internet has very little importance at a global level in their commercial and marketing strategy.

On the other hand, for companies it is that their positioning in Web search engines does matter, making the SEO strategy yourself is not a feasible option. In those cases, outsourcing and hiring SEO services is the wisest and, for this, we have mainly two options.

Hire a full-time SEO expert

Now maybe you might think: ” Well, I don’t do it, but I hire a specialist to work in my office and I see what he is doing … “.

It could be a good idea, if it weren’t for two inconveniences:

  • The best SEO experts are usually freelancers, since they can earn much more economically, and it is much more exciting, than working internally in a company. Therefore, to hire a true SEO expert, you must pay a very good salary .
  • Even having a very good SEO expert, it is of no use if it is not accompanied by other good professionals such as graphic designers, copywriters and Web programmers, do you have them in your template? If not, you should hire other derivative experts as well .

It is for these and many other reasons that the hiring models of face-to-face SEO services are a thing of the past. Many times what you invest in talent is not justified by the size of your company.

Another thing you should consider is that, being a single person, you probably don’t have the visual and strategic reach of an entire SEO team that specializes in many areas.

I would say yes to hire an SEO expert, if your project is very large and you already have internally a team of designers and programmers that will be at your disposal . In that case, I recommend starting with the guide on how to analyze and review the SEO of your website .

Hire an SEO agency

What I like about hiring an SEO agency , beyond being part of one, is that it is a smart and optimized investment . If you have read any other article of mine, you will know that I am passionate about optimizing the investment as much as possible without affecting the quality of what is offered.

With an SEO expert company you can do that, because you are paying for a tailored service and therefore at a tight cost. In addition, you will have at your disposal a team that has a lot of experience and works with several projects.

Conquer and position your website on top of Google!

Without trap or cardboard; We develop realistic web positioning (SEO) campaigns on Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, true to the profile of your company and with results that give results.

What services does an SEO agency offer

Whenever they ask me what is offered in SEO, I take a deep breath, not because I am tired of responding, but because the answer is usually very, very long 🙂

And, being very strict with the SEO concept, all you can optimize can be a service . You can even run into more technical SEOs that will offer you, for example, optimization of the WordPress template for SEO , or server resources, because at some level that also improves the rating against Google or another search engine.

Now get ready to read my best effort to compress all the services that are commonly offered in an SEO plan.

SEO On-page

On-page SEO is about the optimization of each and every one of the elements, visual and technical, found within your Web page.

When hiring an SEO services company, if they are really experts, they will offer you to optimize everything, that is, from the technical, such as loading speed, to semantics, such as descriptions, keyword density, titles, image optimization, even Data marking

In fact, if you want a more specific SEO On-page service , surely you are interested in including the usability of your page and reviewing and modifying the structure of all your pages, such as internal links, content architecture, among others.

On-page SEO should be carried out, not only during the design and development of the Web page itself, but even before, in the initial phase of creating the content to be published.

Therefore, over time we have published several articles from where we explain the reasons while indicating tips for this:

SEO off page

The off-page SEO encompasses all strategies, outside the client’s own Web, whose objective is mainly to improve the positioning of the Web in Web search engines.

When hiring an SEO services company, the most common thing that is done in this regard are link strategies , review and deauthorization of links, registration in directories, among others. But don’t think that, because I describe it easily, it’s simple.

In fact, SEO off page is the most difficult of all, because, if we put the example of links, this is the parameter that Google uses the most to position .

That they link you correctly, that the links are of quality, that you have diversity and that the amount is necessary, is what consumes the most time in an SEO strategy .

Keyword Search

Before the SEO company that you hire performs any action, a keyword search is performed, because with them you define the opportunities that your Web page has to position itself, in addition to giving you an idea of ​​who your closest competitors will be .

Keyword search is usually simple . Let’s not fool ourselves, it’s about placing a reference word and the system gives you a list of suggestions; The real challenge is the organization and filtering of those keywords.

Keyword search is simple; The real challenge is the organization and filtering of those keywords.

I remember telling you in another article where we talked about the density of keywords that, no matter how many keywords exist, many of them have no value for your strategy. Good because it doesn’t mean valuable content to your audience or because they won’t make you earn anything as a business.


In conclusion, the search for keywords must be accompanied by expert discrimination of which ones are useful and which are not .

Content Planning

If I am very sincere, this is my favorite part of SEO when hiring our SEO services, and this is because it is one of the few factors that vary over time . You already know that SEO has well-established parameters that are achieved with relative ease, but when we talk about content, everything changes.

The content, more than for Google, you write for your users . Your users are people who feel and suffer and judge the information according to the degree of information, entertainment and ease of processing.

When talking about content planning, strategies are defined so that the information you are sharing has the best impact on both Google and its users.

It’s complex, you can have a technically perfect and optimized text for Google , but if you don’t have a heart, people won’t want it. We discuss them in detail in another article that we deepen how to optimize your Blog in SEO .

Strategy Analysis

This is one of the services that are most underestimated when hiring SEO companies, but at the same time it is one of the most important.

I was professionally educated to execute my activities under the premise of continuous improvement based on quality processes . That is, it is vital for me to set a starting point, make, measure, devise and implement.

If you start an SEO strategy and do not analyze how it is going daily, you will never know what you should improve or how to do it.

This consumes a lot of time , but it is what allows both the SEO agency and the client company to succeed.

An SEO service, be it an agency or a freelance expert, that pays attention to the analysis of the strategy and is able to propose changes that help continuous improvement; It is a company or professional with whom you want to hire.

Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

It is not very common for the same expert to do SEO and SEM (advertising campaigns in Web search engines).

But in the case of an agency it is usually viable. Remember that we are talking about a multidisciplinary team. That allows you to make a strategy based on several actions (SEO and SEM), which in your company could be key, and is one more reason to hire a company that offers SEM services to SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO strategies are something that, in my opinion, are implicit in all the optimization plans you should get when hiring an SEO company.

When the strategy is defined, identifying your target audience, improvements are made so that your Web page appears in nearby local searches.

In fact, if we talk about optimizing the budget , it is always better to make your website compete with more local results, especially since it is a limited geographic distribution physical business, because the number of competitors is smaller and you are reaching the public than really interested .

How to choose an SEO agency


The strategies to hire an SEO agency vary according to each one but, if you ask me, I would tell you that:

Choose the company that understands SEO as a process where it is necessary to document what is done, when it is going to be done, how it is going to be done and what has been obtained from what has been done so far.

For example, a good agency should offer a well-defined content plan , with keywords, and topics to be touched. You must also offer a linking plan , among other things.

Now, if it depends on me, I would go with an agency that has good results , but is not very large in terms of numbers of projects, because you know that communication is complicated and the results may take longer than bill.

Another concern that very large SEO companies generate is process automation , because it often interferes with the quality of what they offer you.

Ask all this before hiring!

Before hiring ask all these questions and those that occur to you. One tip, you ask everything, don’t be ashamed, even if you don’t know what they are talking about, ask them to explain it to you in a simple way.

How long does it take for my website to position itself?

If you get an exact time, run away . Nobody can give you a date without having studied the niche, nor the intensity of the strategy, and less without knowing where it is from.

SEO results are gradually happening , you must be patient!

What will be the linking strategy?

I like to be honest and the truth is that many questions are going to be answered in a way that suits the agency you are hiring.

The linking strategy must be based on gaining links because they discover your content and consider it valuable; not automating or buying links.

I would go away if some SEO company, which you value hiring, would tell me that they will automate links, for example, because the best way to earn links is to discover your content and consider it valuable .

It is valid for me to be told that it has allies to link , something very common for SEO agencies.

If they talk to you about link farms , which they shouldn’t because it is something that is penalized, it is worth telling you not to work with those people or the dismissals at that time .

The most viable thing is that they are natural links or links of allies or links of directories where they are going to register your company or links in social networks. From there, from now on, ask what they are offering

Will an on-page optimization be done?

I have already explained to you before what the on-page optimization is going, and we have made it clear that it is very important. If the agency only offers you linked, then you will not have all the service and you would have to tell someone else.

What will be the local SEO strategy?


In general, a local SEO strategy includes the registration in Google MyBusiness , the optimization of texts, titles and goals with the name of the city or region, the registration in professional directories in your region and the revision and standardization of the name of Your company, address and phone number.

If they don’t offer you that, you wouldn’t be having a good local SEO from the SEO company you have hired.

What will the delivery of reports be like?

I have a saying that seems fair to me … ” Ask for as many reports as you are going to read . ” Many people insist on daily or weekly reports that they won’t read because they don’t have time.

Therefore, beyond what they offer you, it is in you to feel comfortable with the information that they will send you .

You should also consider what are the parts of the reports that interest you. Perhaps what matters most to you is the position of the keywords (keywords) and the session data, number of visits, and other data like that.

How long will it take to do the niche and business analysis?

A good company will always ask you for time to analyze your company’s niche and draw up the plan. It usually depends on the complexity of the niche.

It is normal that, when hiring an SEO services company, you want them to start as soon as possible, but you also want them to do a good initial search and draw a winning strategy , so you must have a little patience.

Will you perform a keyword search?

This interests you if there is still no previous work. In general, keyword analysis is vital , if the SEO company does not provide it, do not hire them because there is very little that can be done.

What will be the strategy for the blog?

All content is planned on the blog; It is key to the SEO strategy of the Web as a whole.

More than asking for details of the topics, you need to know how they will offer information. Above all, this helps you measure the level of creativity of the SEO agency you are going to hire.

Do you have samples of previous success stories?

An SEO agency only guarantees your success stories ; If they can’t show you, then you can start doubting them.

Now, it happens to me a lot, that my clients do not allow all the results of their SEO strategies to come to light, so the information is likely to be handled with discretion , but something should show you as a reference.

How much do SEO services cost

The most appropriate answer is: it depends on what the service includes and the budget available. Run away from fixed fees or flat rates!

In content you can invest from a few euros to thousands . Technical optimization services usually have a fixed cost, because it is a more specific job, but it always varies according to the agency and according to the plan you purchase, depending on the budget and time available.

For example, many agencies work based on content and the plan is included in the price. It is also common that a personalized plan is designed and that the investment cost is defined there.

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?


Do SEO on your own, not please! At least I got you over a long time. You already know that a lot of time is invested, you don’t have the infrastructure to fulfill all the obligations and the results will not be so immediate, even if you think you will save money.

Hiring a full-time professional works only if your positioning in Google is not key in your business strategy, or you already have a multidisciplinary team on staff.


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