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Google To Provide Restaurant Reviews – The Beginning Of The End For Google Place Listings?

16 Oct 19
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For those people whose business is search engine optimisation they constantly watch the outcomes that Google shows. Go to any Page 1 of Google and chances are you will dsicover three pay-per-click ads at the very top and several more along the best hand side. buy google reviews You will dsicover keyword related URLs with either dot com, dot net or dot org. You will dsicover results from LinkedIn, EzineArticles, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube primarily amongst others.

Each time a person does a search for a company or service at an area you will dsicover seven’Google Places’highlighted. Sometimes you will see pay-per-click ads above them. Since they changed how business ads display in Google Places, sites like Yelp, Yellowpages, review sites and other directory sites have already been moved listed below the seven Google Place listings. On mobile, these Place listings can appear differently and under a map of he area.

Businesses claim and verify their Place listing and with reviews, citations, videos, photos and regular content within these listings, they are able to secure a top position when people do looks for keywords around them that include locations

Google being’Big Daddy’can dictate how searches display. Whilst one has to applaud this new way that businesses appear and get preference over directory and review sites, a new development could change all this in the future.

In a recent eBook Google released they discuss consumers shopping habits and remarked that the’first moment of truth’was when a person is in a store looking at products and thinks by what product to buy. Google then informed us that the new method of shopping is occurring that they phrase the’zero moment or truth’and they tell us people now pre-shop or look at reviews of products before they’re going shopping and because they are shopping. People typically enter’review of……’

What’s the significance with this?

Google has announced the purchase of Zagat, a business that provides content or even more specifically provides reviews of restaurants. Is this the start of other acquisitions of similar niche review websites?

Mobile marketing is huge and could be the dominant way advertisers will advertise in the future. Everybody has a cellular phone and more and more people are considering websites on the hand-held device. It is predicted that by mid 2012 more people is going to be looking at websites on the cellphones rather than on PCs (yet most companies still do not have their websites adapted to display correctly on all mobile devices!)

So, going back once again to Google’s’zero moment of truth ‘, is the Google intend to exhibit the internet sites they own at ab muscles top of local business searches, ahead of Google Place search results? Should Google be allowed take control review content sites similar to this because they’ve the ability to position their review companies for every single niche at the very top of results? It is going to be interesting to see will there be similar acquisitions soon, then we shall know if we’re seeing the beginning of the conclusion of Google Place listings

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